Web/Mobile/Touch User Interface Engineering:
(Design and Front End Development)

  • I bring a unique hybrid of applying passion and strength to both Digital Design and Front End Development. A designer and developer of creative technology.
  • I adopt a device and screen agnostic approach using a holistic combination of both design, and development. My approach is adaptive and performant.
  • I constantly involve myself in the creative technology development community. I'm active on Github, Stack Overflow, Behance, and ycomb.
  • I'm software/tool agnostic. I use the best tool for the job, and enthusiastically test new patterns and solutions as they distribute.

Rapid screen adaptive and responsive prototyping;
front end build/dev using:

  • Twitter Bootstrap (latest version), Zurb Foundation (latest version)
  • Mobile Specific: Sencha, Ratchet, Famo.us, Ionic, Angular + Phonegap or Cordova
  • Wordpress customization and theming

Front End Technologies

  • HTML5 (DOM, BOM, CSSOM, dataTypes and data binding/persistence, advanced browser / brand API's "Chrome / Mozilla specific" )
  • Advanced OO JavaScript using Crockford / Osamni / Resig / JSiS best practicess
  • CSS3 enhanced for performance and mobile ( modernizr, preprocessors: LESS, SASS/Compass )
  • Enhancements, interaction and animation using CSS3, HTML5, and JS: custom matrix2d/3d transforms usin rAf).
  • Customized Canvas, HTML5 and CSS3 animation using Famo.us and Velocity.js

Javascript Frameworks:

  • Desktop / WebApp / SPA: Stack of choice is: MEAN.js, Node, Angular, Express, Mongo/Mongoose, ( working on using Koa )
  • Mobile / Touch: Stack of choice is Ionic/Angular, Famo.us / Angular, and onsenui.io